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Food Fight in California Heats Up

October 16, 2012, 11:32 am

The biggest food fight of our lives is heating up as Californians face a barrage of deceptive ads sponsored by Monsanto and other behemoth corporations to defeat proposal 37, the initiative that would mandate the labeling of foods that contain genetically modified ingredients. Polls show that support for the proposal is eroding in a last ditch effort by opponents like Monsanto and its ilk to characterize the proposal as a costly, unnecessary, and arbitrary measure that will drive up food prices. The stakes have never been higher for the future of our food supply, our long-term health, and the health of the planet.

If this measure passes, food companies will be forced either to implement expensive new labeling or, more likely, to seek out sources of non-gmo crops in order to avoid the necessity of special packaging just for the California market. This will have huge repercussions on the demand for gmo crops and there is a good chance it will spell the end of gmos. Monsanto is pulling out all stops in the face of its biggest threat yet by pouring millions of dollars into the anti-37 effort. After years of rubber stamp approval of Monsanto’s products by our government, we the people are putting our collective feet down and saying, “Enough! Stop the madness!” A ballot initiative is the only remaining tool left to fight the scourge of untested gmo crops. Since California is such a huge market, and the rest of the country tends to follow what California does, the importance of this initiative cannot be overstated.

If people still need convincing that GMOs are hazardous to health, a recent French study should put questions about GMO safety to rest. The 2-year-long study (as contrasted with the 90 day “studies” conducted by the corporations) showed that rats fed GMO corn developed massive tumors and died prematurely. The symptoms appeared after 1 year, which in human terms would mean that it may take some years for symptoms to become obvious. From an environmental standpoint, GMO farming entails the use of massive spraying of chemicals like glyphosate, otherwise known as Round Up. This is a highly toxic herbicide that researchers concluded increased the risk of non-Hodgkins lymphoma, a form of cancer and reproductive damage.

And as time goes on, it is becoming more obvious that GMOs do not result in higher crop yields. Just ask the farmers in India, who have been committing suicide in record numbers due to failing GMO crops, the seeds of which were foisted upon them by Monsanto.

We will be watching with fingers crossed to see the results of the November 6 initiative. If it passes, the shrieking sound you will hear on November 7 ringing out across Traverse City will be us, shouting with relief from the roof top of the store.



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