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Five Best Food Apps

March 31, 2015, 12:00 am

From Wedge Community Co-op

A Review of the 5 Best Food Apps for 2015

It’s no secret that we all want to eat better, be healthier and support a local food system when we can. But how do we do that when we’re all so darn busy? In the era of the app, there are literally hundreds of ways for you to get the help you need at the touch of a fingertip. All you need is your smart phone. And a little guidance. So here are our top five picks for the best food apps.

$1.99 | iOS only
This is an awesome guide to all things produce. It automatically detects your location and tells you what’s in season where you are. It also has tips and techniques for how to select and store over 120 different fruits and vegetables. And it takes data from the Environmental Working Group to show you pesticide residue levels for each produce item. So if you’re on a budget, you can selectively buy organic to avoid items with high pesticide exposure. All of this in an elegant design with easy usability, and no Internet connection is required.

free | iOS & Android
The Monterey Bay Aquarium’s Seafood Watch program has been helping consumers make sustainable choices since 1999. And now that wealth of up-to-date scientific knowledge is available in app form. It uses your phone’s GPS to load the regional guide for your location and provide you with detailed recommendations. So whether you’re at the seafood counter or a sushi restaurant, you can avoid fish that are harvested in a way that harms our oceans. And the newly added Project FishMap feature lets you easily find businesses in your area that source sustainably.

free | iOS & Android
Bring your grocery list into the 21st century with this app. Run out of a food item at home? Just scan the barcode by pointing your camera at it, and it automatically gets added to your next shopping list. The app also keeps a database of your frequently purchased items so you can easily search, filter and build lists quickly. And you can use the desktop version to customize your lists for different stores and then sync to your phone so you can easily go aisle by aisle checking off items in order, saving time and backtracking.

$1.99 | iOS only
Whether you or someone close to you has dietary restrictions or allergies, or you’re just looking for healthier alternatives to your favorite foods, this app provides straightforward answers about ingredients of all kinds. It has an easy search function and substitution categories for gluten-free, low-fat, low- sodium, and vegan diets and common allergies. And with more than a thousand substitution suggestions, you can quickly tailor recipes to meet even the toughest dietary restrictions.

free | iOS & Android
Ostensibly, Fooducate is a fitness app, helping you make weight-loss goals and track your progress with a food diary and calorie calculator. But its real superpower is how it teaches you to eat healthier. A barcode-scanning function tells you the pros and cons of different food items based on nutrition facts and makes suggestions for healthier options. If you want to learn about quantity, quality and exactly what you’re putting in your body, this app's for you.



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