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"Expensive" Oryana

October 25, 2012, 9:56 am

Operating as a cooperative rather than a “regular” for-profit business has some unique challenges, which we happily embrace. One persistent challenge is the perception (and sometimes the reality) that our store is more expensive. We understand this concern and work hard to keep our prices as competitive as possible.

In many cases our comparison shoppers have identified categories and specific products where our store's prices are actually lower than mass merchandisers. But in some cases we're higher. Though we are a part of buying groups with other cooperatives nationwide, we sometimes still do not have the same volume buying power of some of the larger grocery and mass merchandiser chains. You can be assured that a focus on finding value-priced products and pricing existing products competitively is at the top of our priority list.

That being said, we can still hear a few complaints rumbling in the background. But here is why you should care about what your co-op does and why you may, at times, be paying more for an item that you can get cheaper at Meijer or by buying it online.

We are a model workplace

We want people to understand that as a co-op, we operate as a model workplace, which translates into fair wages, benefits and workplace conditions as a part of our cost structure. We do things like offer part-time employees health benefits, an excellent employee store discount, year-end bonuses, and other great stuff.  

We pay fair prices to farmers

We believe in the value of our local farmers and producers and that’s why we pay them fair prices for their goods and services.  We want our farmers to be able to afford to stay in business, live a decent lifestyle, and continue to offer us the best organic products. That's just how we do business; we consider this fair value to member-owners and the community, not just fair pay.

We are owned by and support our local community

We are a community-owned cooperative, driven to help other cooperatives, support great events and organizations in the community, and reward members for their Oryana patronage. Every year we do things like award a large grant to a worthy local nonprofit organization, donate food and money to still more non-profits, and sponsor many fantastic events such as Bioneers, the Traverse City Film Festival, and Green Cuisine. We have operated from a ‘local’ mindset since our inception, way before ‘local’ became a trendy movement.

So…if price is the only thing you consider as you hold that bottle of shampoo or container of almond milk in your hand, remember that we are working to make our community and the world a better place. Can the same be said for the other, less “expensive” retailers? We have a triple bottom line: people, planet, and profit. Making a profit is only part of our goal. Also, when you spend your money at Oryana, most of it will circulate locally, as opposed to going to another city or state.

Thank you for shopping at Oryana and supporting a locally-owned business. We appreciate your patronage.

(Still not convinced and want to read a little more. Click here.)

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