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Antipasto for Dinner

August 6, 2012, 2:43 pm

Antipasto - A Summertime Classic

Summertime is filled with friendly gatherings, out-of-town visitors, backyard barbeques, times when a tray of mixed munchies is the perfect go-to item for entertaining. For last minute entertaining, think antipasto.

Antipasto can be assembled quickly for a no-fuss meal. It also makes a great dish to take to a potluck or picnic and can be an easy summertime spread when you don't feel like cooking.

When assembling this Italian favorite, select four to eight items if serving as an appetizer. If antipasto is your main course, select eight to 12 items.

Traditionally, antipasto features a selection of cured meats, olives, pickled or grilled vegetables, cheese, and crackers or bread. It also can include fruits, nuts, dips, seafood, deviled eggs and other bite-size appetizers.

Ready-to-go Antipasto Ideas

Oryana carries many items that can be combined easily to form the perfect antipasto platter, delicious products that have been cured, pickled, or marinated. You can also find local artisan cheese, freshly baked breads and more.

Our bulk antipasto bar is the first stop and allows you to mix and match your favorite olives with fresh mozzarella balls.

Here is a sampling of antipasto items we carry:

Meats: Organic Prairie uncured beef summer sausage, Colameco uncured salami Applegate Organics org. genoa salami, Garrett Valley Black Forest uncured hame, Graham Farms org. beef sticks

Dips:  kalamata olive, smoked gouda, spinach, blue cheese

Olives: olive bar selection, Santa Barbara Olive Co. Pimento Martini olives, Mediterranean Organic ripe black and kalamata olives

Local Cheeses: Leelanau Cheese Raclette, Land of Goshen feta cheese

Lake Street Kitchen: spinach pie, smokin' tofu slabs, garlic lover's hummus,

Crackers: Mediterranean Snacks Rosemary Herb Lentil crackers, Mt. Vikos Olive Oil Toasts, Edward & Sons Onion Garlic Brown Rice Snaps

Misc: Cento Giardiniara, Wild Planet sardines, native forest artichoke hearts, Up North Global feta rolls and stuffed grape leaves, Divina pepperoncini, Peppadew piquante peppers

Fresh, local veggies: cherry tomatoes or sliced tomatoes, green peppers, radishes, cauliflower, cucumber, carrots

Order a party platter from Lake St. Cafe

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