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Spring at Oryana

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What's For Dinner?

Trying to think of what to make for dinner night after night can be challenging, even for dedicated home cooks. That's where our What's For Dinner? program comes in handy. Stop by the store on Monday from 4 - 6, Wednesday from 12 - 2 or Friday from 12 - 2 and sample a tasty, healthy dish, then take the recipe home with you. We provide the inspiration and you have a terrific, easy recipe that may become a family favorite. Happy cooking!

Update on What's for Dinner: Nancy Schwalm is back with us for the Wed. and Fri. demo, so be sure to stop and say hi.

Health Tours at Oryana

Registered Dietitian Melissa Tolan-Halleck, will be offering shopping tours for your health.  Do you have questions concerning what to eat for a heart-healthy or diabetic diet?  Melissa looks forward to sharing her expertise and passion for integrating healthy whole food into a practical lifestyle. You will gain the knowledge and confidence you need to make the best choices for your health condition.

Health Tour Schedule

Diabetes Tour
May 11, 9 - 10 AM

Heart Health Tour       
May 23, 1 - 2 PM

Weight Management Tour

June 13, 6:30 - 7:30 PM

Food Allergies Tour
June 22, 9 - 10 AM

These tours are FREE but registration is required. Please sign up at Customer Service

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Health Tip of the Week:
Honey and Seasonal Allergies


Did you know that eating local honey may help you overcome many of the problems of seasonal allergies? Basically, you are building up your system's defenses against allergens in your environment, since you're taking it in after the bees have processed it. Think of it as a hive-made vaccine. Oryana carries local honey from:

Sleeping Bear Farms
Food for Thought
Champion Hill Farm

Upcoming Events

June 7
Smart Commute Breakfast at Oryana

July 20 & 21
Member Appreciation Days



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Breads at Oryana

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Bay Bread
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